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Our Story

My story is a simple one.  I went to school for fashion, and truly love the beauty industry. Throughout the years, I ventured into several businesses and have always loved making women feel beautiful so I decided to create a scent that would smell fabulous and be affordable for all women.

I wore my essential oil perfume whether at the grocery store, a restaurant, or away on my vacation with my family. I was constantly approached by both men and women, inquiring about the perfume, and when I explained that I designed the fragrance, they asked how they could purchase a bottle… and just like that Amara Rouge was born.

 With my amazing husband and two boys supporting me, I asked my long-time best friend, Leslie, to join me on the journey of making women feel and smell beautiful.  From our homes on Long Island, NY, to yours we welcome you to our women owned business… Amara Rouge, where you can feel and smell beautiful without the price tag!