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What people are saying...

"Amara Rouge is hands down my favorite perfume.  I love that it comes in a spray and roll on.  The fragrance is long lasting and my favorite part is that it is made from essential oils!" ~Noelle (age 54)


 “Amara Rouge perfume smells so good! I literally wear it on special occasions because I want it to last forever.” -Serena (age 22)


"I've never been complimented on a perfume before.  Since using Amara Rouge, I get stopped on a regular basis, asking what my amazing perfume smell is!  Even through these masks people are stopping me to ask what I am wearing!  I feel like a celebrity!" ~Talia (age 52)


“Just got my order a few days after I placed it. I am truly obsessed! It not only smells amazing, it lasts forever.” -Riley (age 31)


“I am in love! I never got so many compliments and people stopping me, asking what perfume I’m wearing.” -Alexandra (age 26)